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Guorun Capital(referred as Guorun),which was first founded in 2001, is a Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park based professional investment organization, providing equity investment, asset management, investment banking, financial consultation, financing, guarantee, industrial operation,and other relevant services.

From its establishment, Guorun has experienced the entire process of the development of an enterprise. Based on all the success and failure, progress and stagnation, as well as achievement and contradiction, we have accumulated abundant professional experiences in the fields of investment and capital operation. Meanwhile, we have been putting effort into our commitment, endeavoring to provide stable, reliable, practical, and flexible financial services.

Guorun hasan experienced and professional management team, formed by experts and members who own excellent and comprehensive personal abilities. Depending on its comprehensive, systematic, and profound understanding on investment industry and capital operation, this team has completed numerous projects and adhered to the principle of "modest, efficient and pragmatic".

Combining with international phenomenon,Guorun emphasizes on researches focusing in greater China, industries and major enterprises. Based on fully effective system containing operation,execution,decision making and supervision. Guorun laid a foundation of cutting-edge analysis and evaluation system,asset managing system,finacining system and risk-controlling system.

At the same time, Guorun set up its platform in Beijing、Suzhou and Boston, offering full service of investment.

Investment Philosophy

Embrace simplicity. Being cautious from the beginning to the end. Congeals sends far brightly.


Asset Management

The combination or specific fiduciary management of real assets and monetary assets Solutions of managing real assets and monetary assets.

Direct Investment

Equity Investment. Convertible Bond Investment. Bridge Entrusted Loan. Others.

Private Equity Investment Funds

The investment of private equity funds. The initiation, recruitment, and establishment of private equity investment funds. The management of private equity funds.

M & A

The M & A investment and financing of listed and unlisted companies. Consultation on the combination and re-construction of M & A.

The Multi-faceted Financial Services

The cooperation with strategic partners. The multi-faceted beneficial services by creating the value of customers. Overall financial services to meet customers’ requirements.

Financial Consultants

Finance financial consultant. M & A financial consultant. IPO financial consultant. Management financial consultant. Specific financial consultant.

Financing and Guarantee

Corporate financing and guarantee. Project financing and guarantees. Mezzanine finance. Entrusted Loan. Bridge financing.

Investment Banking

General Investment Banking. Investment banking business in cooperation with securities institutes on domestic and overseas offering. Risk Management and Financial Services.

Investment Cooperation

Guorun highlights the principles of selecting enterprises, such as techniques, commercial formats, as well as organization, or unique quality. Simultaneously, Guorun also pays attention to the quality of entrepreneurship and the ability and potential for future growth and sustainable development.

Management Team

The experts contributing in Guorun management team are expertise in various related fields. Most of them own professional backgrounds and joined the enterprise business with solid theoretical basis. They have experienced the training of the capital market and gained the particular knowledge in financial investment throughout the years of practice. Therefore, they are full of international perspectives and experience in corporative research and investment. To summarize, Guorun management team is able to grasp the scientific and artistic features of investment accurately, with rigorous investment discipline.


“Diligent yet dedicated,constantly strive for perfection" is the value that Guorun holds, which is also the basis of our mature investment belief.

Our team is sincere, calm, active, owning professional wisdom and unique business capability. We are aiming to build up sincere mutual trust and fulfill our promise to the partners comprehensively with honest career attitude.

Guorun has set up a system to cope with constantly changing market to meet customers’ needs. To ensure that projects are able to develop smoothly, Guorun emphasizes the efficient implementation and coordination with related issues. At the same time, we have also set up a strong supportive system, which can maximize the use and efficiency of resources to serve the projects. Attentively observing the opportunities, and planning prudently before taking actions.

Guorun attaches importance to the creation of customers’ value and offers professional value-multiply services .We gain brilliant victories together with customers through meticulously investigation and investment service of specific project to promote the overall customers’ value.


Spirit of Investment

'Those who have the greatest courage would not be flustered when confronted with a sudden danger, and not be enraged if they be subjected to a willful abuse.'----Su Shi.'Leave a Theory of Hou'

'The gentleman strives hard all day long,he is vigilant even at nighttime. By so doing,he will be safe in times of danger.'----'The Book of Changes'

'All things are produced by the Tao,and nourished by its outflowing operation. They receive their forms according to the nature of each,and are completed according to the circumstances of their condition.'----Lao Tzu.'Tao Te Ching'

'The are of war,then,is governed by five constant to be taken into account in one's deliberations,when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.These are:(1)The Moral Law;(2)Heaven;(3)Earth;(4)TheCommander;(5)Method and discipline.'----Sun Tzu.'Military Science of Sun Tzu'


Latest Performance

The two funds Guorun managed recently,were establish in April 2008,and had already invest in 31 companines.Most of them are leading company in thier industry.Until now,27 of them had completed the exit of venture capital investment,and created a record of high efficiency, high success rate and high return in management of PE fund.


  • Top 50 VC Firms of the Year 2014(local)
  • Top 50 VC Firms of the Year 2011(local)

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